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WizCraft Creative Solutions is a Pune-based enterprise specialized in state-of-the art Development and delivery of advanced digital solutions and platforms for new-age pedagogy and allied activities. We cater to the needs and requirements of number of teaching-learning communities across the country.



WizCraft Creative Solutions is pleased to submit a proposal for developing and deploying state-of-the art e-learning content and Learning Management System (LMS). We strive to achieve our goal of delivering e-learning content that meets the expectations of modern day learners through technology platforms. We hereby propose to develop and deliver e-learning content that involves various modular approaches driven by appropriate representation of learning content to facilitate learning in an online environment. We have a team of thoroughly experienced experts from e-learning industry and academic consultants associated with renowned institutions across the country. We believe in partnering with our clients and employ a collaborative approach while developing and deploying the course content. Our proposal consists of various options of developing and hosting content on an e-learning platform such as LMS.

We specialize in developing and delivering following types of e-learning modules.

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